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Solace Box

Solace founders have carefully curated this box with items they wish they had during their own experiences of loss. We take pride in offering a pregnancy loss support box, brimming with holistic, non-toxic, organic, and sustainably sourced products. Our dedication to quality extends to our support of other women-owned small businesses, reflecting our commitment to solidarity and empowerment within our community.

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Solace Box

What's Included


Our artisanal tea, crafted to uplift you during moments of sorrow. Carefully chosen herbs work synergistically to soothe anxiety, tears, restless nights, heart palpitations, and melancholy.


Gentle, mineral-rich Real salt and magnesium (in bisglycinate form, chosen for its gentle effect on stools) are combined in the provided vial to create two servings of the Electrolyte recipe.

Rose Quartz

Settle into a cozy space, gently cradle your stone, and delve into the Womb Meditation provided in the boxes brochure.

Rosebud Woman Salve

Rosebud Balm, an everyday essential, nourishes, soothes, and rejuvenates intimate skin. Designed to alleviate dryness common in menopause, pregnancy, or due to medications or irritants.


Vaginal steaming aids in uterine clearing post-loss.The herbal blend nurtures, tones, and rejuvenates vaginal and uterine tissues, fostering healing and cleansing.

Nyssa Uterine Cold/Heat Pack

A specially shaped cold/warm compress, thoughtfully crafted to bring soothing comfort to the perineal area and vulva.

Nyssa Recovery Underwear

An essential for post-pregnancy loss comfort! Nyssa’s ultra-soft underwear gently cradles your belly, boasting our exclusive dual-layer, 360° pocket design for secure ice or heat therapy placement.

Womb Ease Tincture

This soothing tincture, crafted from a blend of gentle herbs, offers relief from the discomfort of miscarriage. Chamomile, ginger, cramp bark, yarrow, and motherwort combine harmoniously to ease pain.