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where fertility struggles, pregnancy loss, and the intricate dance of cycle challenges often go unnoticed or are kept hidden, women find themselves navigating these journeys alone.

At Solace, we're rewriting this story. Our mission is to provide a beacon of support, both physically and emotionally, for every woman walking these paths. Discover the comfort and healing within our support boxes and resources. Each carefully curated item is designed to nurture your body and uplift your spirit through every twist and turn of your journey. From soothing tonics to nurturing self-care essentials, our boxes are a gentle reminder that you're not alone. Join us as we redefine support and community for women everywhere. Because at Solace, we believe that every woman deserves to feel seen, heard, and supported on her journey to motherhood.


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Solace Box

Solace Box

Solace founders have carefully curated this box with items they wish they had during their own experiences of loss. We take pride in offering a pregnancy loss support box, brimming with holistic, non-toxic, organic, and sustainably sourced products. Our dedication to quality extends to our support of other women-owned small businesses, reflecting our commitment to solidarity and empowerment within our community.

$ 248.00 USD
Solace Bag

Solace Bag

The Solace Bag is specially curated to support the emotional recovery of pregnancy loss. Whether the wounds of your loss are fresh or years old, these products are handpicked to guide you through the emotional trauma and start the path to healing.

$ 77.00 USD
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Our Story Becoming "solace."

Solace came together organically as a way to support women through miscarriage & pregnancy loss

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“Your box seriously saved me. I am in the underwear and pads right now, with the heating pad in, and it's so nice. I had nothing, so I would have been so unprepared. Thank you so much, I am just so happy my body is doing what it is supposed to and my body is doing it naturally, with your support.”


“I received my box shortly after my first miscarriage, the items in the box were beautiful and i was so grateful something like this existed for people like me. I kept my box in its almost original condition, not because i figured i'd need it again, but because it was so beautiful and connected me back to my first pregnancy.”


Instead of my best friend sending me flowers, which is nice but honestly even putting flowers in water sounded like a task too big in a moment like that, she picked a wonderful gift that put some of the power back into my hands. In it was all the tools I needed that allowed me to nurture myself and begin the healing process. It truly was the best gift I could’ve ever received in such a dark time.”


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