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Solace emerged from a collective understanding, a bond woven through the threads of grief and resilience. Torie, Allison, and Ashlee, touched by the raw reality of miscarriage and fertility struggles, felt compelled to extend compassion to others on similar journeys. United by their own battles and the unwavering support they found in each other, they birthed Solace—a sanctuary where empathy and healing intertwine.

At Solace, we intimately grasp the intricate layers of emotion that accompany miscarriage and fertility challenges. Having traversed these delicate paths ourselves, we understand the profound isolation and lack of support that often surrounds families in their time of need.

The journey to motherhood is a complex tapestry, woven with hope, longing, and heartache. Whether it's the anticipation of conception or the ache of loss, each experience leaves an indelible mark on our souls.

Our mission is to create a nurturing space where the nuances of infertility and pregnancy loss are acknowledged and embraced. Through thoughtfully curated products infused with healing intentions from three remarkable women, each with her own journey through loss, we strive to provide comfort and support.

In collaboration with experts in various women's health fields, we carefully select products designed to support you on your journey. From soothing tonics and teas to comforting essential oil blends and informative guides, our offerings are crafted with care to provide solace during the critical stages of pregnancy loss.

Solace is more than just a company; it's a beacon of compassion, a guiding light through the darkest of times. We're here to walk alongside you, offering a compassionate hand and a shoulder to lean on as you navigate the tender terrain of loss and healing.

With love and understanding,

The Solace Team
The Team

Torie Borrelli Hall
Torie Borrelli Hall
Holistic Nutritionist, Co-founder
Allison Tartari
Allison Tartari
Licensed Midwife, Co-founder
Ashlee Davis
Ashlee Davis